Tin cans make the perfect supply for summer kid crafts! I love using tin cans as a blank canvas for my kid’s imaginations. These Classic Tin Can Phones are the first in a series of quick & easy tin can crafts that are sure to be a hit Fourth of July! If your kids are like mine, they won’t believe it’s possible to hear each other through these, until they try it for themselves!

Follow the steps below to create your own.

Step 1-

First, remove the lids of the cans using either the pull tab provided or a can opener. Use a smooth-edge can opener or smooth the edges yourself. Here is an article on how to prepare cans for crafting!

Step 2-

Use a drill to create a holes in the center of the bottom of two cans. The hole should be just large enough for your string or twine to fit through.

Step 3 –

Use stickers, duct tape, washi tape, ribbon, paint – anything you’d like to decorate the outside of the cans in patriotic red, white, and blue! Make sure to either not cover the hole you created, or create a new one through your decoration.

Step 4 –

Feed your string or twine through the hole on the outside of one of the cans, and tie a knot large enough so that the string will not fit back through the hole.

Step 5 –

Cut the string to your desired length and repeat Step 4 on the other can with the other end of the string.

Step 6 –

Now that the two cans are attached, hold onto one and give the other to your buddy. Slowly walk away from each other until the string between the two cans is taut. The sound travels through vibrations in the string, so the tighter the better, but you also don’t want to break the string, so feel it out based on your chosen string’s sturdiness.

Take turns holding the can up to your mouth and ear to have a conversation on your new patriotic “phone”!


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