Did you know? Some of my first DIY parties ever were inspired by my daughter, who loved soft, traditionally “girly” color palettes, but simultaneously loved traditionally “boyish” things like cars and trucks. It felt nearly impossible to find party inspiration that combined these two, so I created my own (check out one of my first – a “girly” car party). As our society moves away from prescribing certain colors and interests to certain genders, I have been more inspired than ever to create parties that combine the two in unexpected ways!

One of the traditionally masculine interests is sharks – but who says girls can’t love sharks? Or that boys who love sharks can’t also love pink? That’s why I created this Unique Pink Shark Party, perfect for girls or boys, and just in time to inspire you for shark week in a couple weeks! Read on to find out how I created this jaw-some setup!

Backdrop with Bite

First, I created  quite the fin-tastic backdrop. I created a balloon garland out of soft blues and teals. The finished product had the perfect bubbly “shark breathing under-the-sea” feel! In the middle of the garland I hung a pink ribbon-striped life preserver, with a very festive and smiley shark balloon from Target’s Shark Party Collection in the center. How cute is the shark’s little pink party hat?! Underneath the balloon garland, I added a matching “Happy Birthday” garland, and then a perfectly pink crepe paper garland as well. 

TIP: Draping several garlands at various levels (but with the same general curve) is a great way to create an eye catching backdrop! Mix the materials and textures of the garlands, but keep them in the same general color scheme, to create more visual appeal. 

TIP: Change the color palette of a traditional red and white life preserver using lengths of ribbon.  Use glue or tape to adhere at the back of the preserver.

TIP: Use balloon flower sealing clips to create smaller groupings of balloons to look like breathing bubbles from the shark.  Tie fishing wire through the flower clip to hang them from the ceiling or wall.

Ocean Inspired Cake Table

Next, I set up my cake table underneath the backdrop. A simple white table is the perfect pedestal for a sea-inspired ombre cake (designed by Confection Deception) that is sure to cause a feeding frenzy! I set the cake on top of a teal cake stand from Amalfi Decor that perfectly matched the adorable shark toppers. I placed various ocean items around the base of the cake stand to complete the look.

TIP: Create swimming shark toppers by cutting the top (drinking portion) of the drinking straws and pushing the bottom of the straw into the cake.  This leaves the shark on top swimming around!

TIP: Mixing some actual real ocean items in with the faux seaweed decor really gives the party the perfect ocean feel! Guests can smell the saltwater and hear the ocean in the shells!


Toothy Table Settings

Finally, I set a table where guests could really sink their teeth into all the party food. I draped some fun and sparkly sequined teal fabric across the center of the table as a watery table runner. Then, I added some more ocean decor across the runner, and in the center, an adorable stuffed shark (wall decor used as a centerpiece) from Target. It looks like it’s popping out of the sequined water to say hello! I also added the cutest shark party hats from My Mind’s Eye to the center of the table so that everyone could wear one and embrace their inner shark!

TIP: Bunching the runner fabric a bit creates a more natural sea-inspired look. The ripples in the fabric & shine of the sequins look like waves!

For the place settings, I used square pink dinner plates and plastic pink utensils. Then, I layered on silly shark-shaped dessert plates, and added some “jawsome” napkins. Lastly, I set out some mason jar drink cups with pink and white striped straws, complete with shark cutouts on each. 

TIP: The shark straws were originally a blue chevron stripe.  Gently remove the shark from the straw and use a glue dot to put it onto another colored straw, in this case white with pink spots.

Who do you know that would love this unique pink shark party? Do you like the idea of shaking up tradition? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! And for another traditionally gendered party theme that I styled in a unique way, check out my Dinosaur Party Styled Two Ways.

Happy Partying!



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