Make no bones about it – dinosaurs are a fun party theme no matter the occasion! The fact that their fossil skeletons are common in dino decor makes them absolutely dino-mite for Halloween! That’s why I decided to style a Dinosaur Themed Halloween Party for a fun pre-trick-or-treat celebration. Combining a traditional orange and black Halloween color palette with earthy greens and browns really gives this party a spooky yet prehistoric outdoor feel. Read on to see how I created this Dino-ween party, and then be sure to check out my DIY Dinosaur Themed Halloween Party Decor post to get all of the DIY details!


Backdrop of Bones

First, I created a bony but boo-tiful backdrop. Using a large metal grid (note: 2 pieces of grid wall secured with zip ties & spray painted orange) as a base, I attached a variety of lush tropical faux greenery to the top half. Grid wall is a cost-effective backdrop and super easy to use – the stems of the leaves tuck into the grids securely, for larger, heavier stems I secured using zip ties.

On either side, I hung a bronze torch with some bright orange pretend fire in each. Then, I hung a couple of painted pterosaurs to swoop down from the top of the backdrop (get the pterosaur DIY instructions here).

Finally, peeking his head out from the very center of the greenery with a trick-or-treat bucket in his mouth, ready for some candy…a giant T-rex skull! Secure with zip ties.

At the bottom of the grid, I hung dino-skeleton trick-or-treat bags for all of the kids to grab before they head out to trick-or-treat. They also each held a dino-skeleton grabber that kids can use, if needed, to maintain some distance while reaching for their candy (DIY grabber instructions here)!

Next, on either side of the backdrop, I set out large cardboard dinos. I love the texture the cardboard gives to the whole party aesthetic. I propped these up on white milk crates decorated with more greenery. This made them look not only taller and more terrific, but as if they are trampling through their outdoor terrain. To keep them from being too intimidating, however, they each got some Halloween accessories. I used a black and white letterboard to wish party-goers a “Happy Dino-ween” complete with a necessary dino-riffic “ROAR!”.


T-Rex’s Table

My next step was to set a table ideal for a T-rex and friends! I started by setting out a length of green ivy across the center of the table. On each end, I laid out a monstera leaf with some dinosaur skeleton figurines on top. 

Then, I used two black cake stands as bases for my centerpieces. Each one held up a wooden DIY dinosaur painted and turned into a skeleton and holding an adorable miniature version of a trick-or-treat bucket. Everyone is looking for treats at this party!  This is a super easy DIY for the kids to get involved with.  

TIP: Lay another monstera leaf on the cake stands to serve as the green “ground” under the dinosaur’s feet. The combination of the green with the bronze stand gives the perfect earthy feel.


Prehistoric Place Settings

Then, it was time to add the perfect place settings. I used black octagonal plates and bright orange dino skeleton napkins to really bring in the Halloween vibes. 

On each plate, I provided a cute dinosaur skeleton figurine friend holding a dino bone, and a mini trick-or-treat bucket favor, definitely filled with more treats than tricks. 

Next, I placed black and white cutlery and bright red “bloody” (but not too gruesome) dinosaur footprint cutouts on either side of the plates.

Finally, I added dino skull drinkware with orange-spotted straws.  This is another easy DIY using puffy paints and a little creativity to give a real skull look & feel.

This Dinosaur Themed Halloween Party is a great not-so-scary option for kids of all ages. For more spooky but sweet Halloween party themes, check out my Little Ghost, Black Cat, and Traditional Halloween parties! And if your kids are true dino lovers, don’t forget to bookmark or pin my Dino Party Styled Two Ways for their next birthday!

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Happy Partying!

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