Are you loving summer and looking for a fun outdoor sleepover party theme? I’ve partnered with Cricut to bring you lots of inspiration for an “Area 51 UFO Spotting” backyard camping kids party! I’m excited to share all the fun details as part of the Party Blog Hop with Cricut!

Since I met my friend Jess (Everyday Party Magazine) she has raved about the Cricut machine. I don’t know why it took me so long to try it out myself.  I do know that right about now, she is reading this and going “I told you so!”  The Cricut Explore Air 2™ is everything Jess told me about and more. I am completely obsessed.  Gone are the long nights manually cutting straw flags, bottle labels and more.  Gone is buying pre-made boxes and stickers.  Now, I let the machine (my baby!!) do it for me.

Honestly, you won’t look back if you buy it.  It is life changing.

Check out my Area 51 UFO spotting kids party below to see all the fun projects I made with my Cricut and Cricut Design Space.

For the projects in this party I used the Space collection (cartridge) in the Cricut Design Space.  I also used the Wildcard 2 font and Bio Hazard symbol from the Zombies collection.

I was invited to participate in the Cricut Party Blogger Program Kickoff.

This experiecne is based strictly on my opinion.  Others may have a different opinion or experience with the product listed above.  I was provided the sample free of charge by the company or PR agency and I have given my honest opinion.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

The Party

This kids party was a farewell of sorts.  My family and I are moving to Portland in a few weeks so this sleepover was the last one my son Harrison would have with his best friends.  My focus was creating memories and keepsakes.  I started with a t-shirt for each of them, my merry band of UFO hunters.


I picked fun blue tie-dye shirts.  I thought they fit the retro Roswell feel.  On the back of these I used a blue iron-on vinyl to create each boy’s name (in the Wildcard 2 font) and “UFO Hunters”.  You can see how to create these personalized t-shirts here.

I also wanted to add a “badge” to the shirt.  Something like a boy scout badge but for UFO spotting.  I had so much fun with this and being able to create it was one of my favorite things about working with the design space.  I could combine images like a UFO, pine trees, blue circles and a yellow triangle using layering to create a fun badge with the text “I want to go”.  I used printable fabric to give more of a badge feel, cut them on the Cricut and then ironed them onto the t-shirts sleeves.   If you want to make your own badges, see how I created them here (coming tomorrow).

Party Decor

Part of this kids party was outside.  The kids were going to hang out in the backyard and look for UFO’s through a telescope and binoculars.  I cut and added a quick and easy vinyl decal to the telescope “alien hunters” using one of the holographic vinyl’s, soooo cool! It changes color depending on the angle you are looking at it from.

For sleeping, I kept this simple and easy with A-frame tents that my hubby created for me.  I attached denim fabric onto the frames with car clamps to give it that make-shift feel.  Then I added vintage milk crates for sitting, bed rolls, cushions made of old grain sacks and a vintage wheelie mechanics tool trolley we have turned into a cooler.

The last thing I added, purely for the fun was a warm fleece fabric that looked just like the Nevada dessert.  A prime camping spot, they were ready to watch the stars, look for UFO’s! and use their camping mugs (with vinyl decals of course!) for hot chocolate at bedtime!

Then I focused on the party backdrop and dessert table.  I kept this inside as I envisioned something clinical but with an old school road stop diner feel, full of alien and UFO “memorabilia”.

So, I chose to set up in my kitchen.  I used our stainless steel island as the dessert table and peg board as the backdrop. Next, I added small yellow café lights, newspaper clippings, fun decals like my fabric badge and then added a holographic “UFO Hunters” & alien symbol banner I created with the Cricut.

Then I added props to the dessert table.  My favorite, an alien head I found at Oriental Trading and put into a giant acrylic container with green slime! I added “Area 51” and bio-hazard symbols made with the Cricut as well as hazard tape to turn this into a fun alien specimen. Learn how to create vinyl decals for this party here (coming tomorrow).

Another favorite element from the party was this gorgeous faux cake from Confection Deception. Isn’t it realistic?  I love having a cake centerpiece but we had a small party so the UFO cake pops were enough for the kids.  Still, it was fun being able to still have a cake centerpiece without eating it all myself later.  I decorated it with jawbreakers of all shapes and sizes to tie into the “out of this world” galaxy feel.

Then I added fun specimen jars of slime and minerals that look like moon rock or parts of UFO’s. These types of props would also work for a science or space themed kids party.

The Party Table

Of course, I needed to decorate the plates; now I can cut and add all the vinyl I have to right? I found fun, star-shaped plates by Meri Meri that I put on top of a blue plate and added the words “The truth is out there”.  Then I added gold speckled cutlery and mini mason jar style drinking glasses. Kids party table setting done!

I created mini straw flags on the Cricut using card stock and foil symbols and put those onto fun holographic straws.  I’m all about quick and simple projects and these blew my mind, I used to spend so much longer cutting these up by hand!  See how I made the flags here.

I love having fun with kids’ parties and incorporating a bit of my humor.  For the kids eating table, I added a fun centerpiece of cows being sucked into flying ufos! I put the cows into fake grass, inserted rolled up tubes of thin clear acrylic film (the light beam) into the grass and on top I added an upside-down foil pie plate with a UFO I created on the Cricut using cardstock and foil.  Learn how to make these UFO’s here (coming to the blog tomorrow).

Other Details

I added retro metal stools for the kids to sit on at the table as well as foil hats. Every kids party needs a party hat right?! A fun retro UFO magazine and the slime they made to play with.

The Favors

Favors always make me happy! I love coming up with something fun and in-theme.  For this party I couldn’t go past fidget spinners.  Hmmm a somewhat selfish move I have to say as they do keep kids entertained for hours, I couldn’t resist letting them use these during the sleep over, tee hee!

I personalized these with the same foil symbols as I used on the straw flags.  They are now soooooo obsessed with them, are yours?

I mentioned this kids party was a special one, one to create memories and say good-bye.  So, I wanted to add something a little special as a take home.

I created a favor box using cardstock and holographic foil and inside I put a retro motel key with holographic foil, I cut the words “Area 51, Roswell” with the Cricut.  Then I put this on a ring along with glow in the dark galaxy shapes and a real key.

This was a “key to our home” – Harrison and I wanted his special friends to know that they would always be welcome in our house.  We hope that they visit us in Portland.


I hope you enjoyed my Area 51 UFO Spotting backyard camping kids party and are enjoying the blog hopping with Cricut!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Can you see why I love this machine so much now (yes Jess!).    If you love the sound of the Cricut Explore Air 2™ , or ….”my baby” ;    you can enter to win one of your own HERE.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the DIY step outs to make these projects.

Happy Partying, Nat x

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