It’s always nice to see things from a slightly different perspective now and then. One fun way to do that is to get taller! So far in this Easy Fourth of July Craft series I’ve showed you how to use tin cans to create a telephone and planters. Now I’m going to show you how to use this cheap and versatile craft material to create easy Tin Can Stilts!

Step 1 –

First, remove the lids of the cans using either the pull tab provided or a can opener. Use a smooth-edge can opener or smooth the sharp edges yourself. Here is an article on how to prepare cans for crafting!

Tip: Look out for the large super sized cans (4″ to 6″ in diameter) for stilts.  

Step 2 –

Next, decorate your patriotic cans! Keep in mind that the finished cans will be upside down, with the openings of the cans as the bottom. Additionally, the actual bottoms of the cans will be the part of the stilts where the feet go, so don’t put any decorations there you wouldn’t want to step on. We used ribbons, stickers, and chalk markers to decorate ours, but you can get as creative as you’d like here!

Step 3 –

Use a drill or a hammer and nail to create holes on either side of each can, towards the end that will be stepped on. The holes should be large enough for you to fit strong string or twine through.

Step 4 –

Thread the string or twine through both holes in one of the cans, and tie the ends to create a large loop. Repeat for the other can. The length of your loops should be long enough to where they can be comfortably held in each hand while standing on the cans, but not too long to where pulling on them a bit doesn’t lift the can off the ground.

Step 5 –

Place the cans on the ground next to each other and carefully place each foot on one of the cans. Lift the string or twine up until it’s taut. Gently pull up on each loop as you take steps on your new stilts, and enjoy the higher view!


For more fun tin can crafts be sure to check out my other Fourth of July craft posts – tin can planters and a classic tin can phone!





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