Welcome to our Donut Instagram Hop? If you are like me I had not heard of one before. It is such a fun idea, it works just like a blog hop except we are all partying on Instagram!  It is hosted by the fabulous Dawn of Revel and Glitter.

Dawn sent us each a package of goodies in our color palette (Sunshine, Coral, Peacock, Night) from Paper Source to everyone and challenged us to come up with anything doughnut related.  When I first saw the colors I instantly thought of the night sky and galaxies.  From there I came up with the idea to host a Summer Star Gazing party with an out of this world Cosmic Donut Bar!

Supplies need to make your own Cosmic Constellation Donut Bar:

  • Pegboard & Wood Dowels
  • Midnight Blue Spray Paint
  • Chalk Marker & Ruler
  • Space Banner from Meri Meri
  • Paper Source – paper (Night, Peacock, Sunshine & Coral) and gold triangle stickers
  • Cricut Explore, White Vinyl & Constellation SVG for Cricut from Everyday Party Magazine
  • Donuts and glaze ingredients
  • Edible silver stars (Amazon)


Step One: Paint the peg board Midnight Blue

Step Two: Use a ruler and chalk marker to map out a constellation.  At each point of the constellation add a wood dowel for a donut.  Ensure you pick a constellation with room between the stars e.g. Ursla Major

Step Three:  Cut out additional stars and moons from the coral and sunshine paper. Use your Cricut to cut out the constellation svg file from Everyday Party Magazine.  Adhere all to the painted pegboard.

Step Four: Use a chalk pen to write the names of stars on the colored cardstock.  Alternatively cut using your Cricut.  Add the labels with a gold triangle sticker pointing to a wood dowel (on which you’ll add a donut)

Step Five: Add the space banner across the top.  Use excess elements of the banner on the board as objects flying through space.

Step Six: Glaze your donuts using a basic glaze recipe with blue coloring.  Sprinkle edible stars on top.  Then hang the donuts on the dowel once dry.

Now it is time to fly off to space with as many as you can hold! LOL ENJOY!

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