Are you looking for easy ways to keep kiddos entertained at the Fourth of July celebration? The final craft in my Easy Fourth of July Crafts series using tin cans are perfect for both pre-Independence Day crafting entertainment, and for fun the day of! Using cheap and versatile tin cans and only a few other easy-to-find materials, my kids and I created a classic carnival-style Ball Toss Game, and an enjoyably challenging Ball & Cup Game. So grab some more cans and follow the step-by-step instructions below to start the Fourth of July fun!


Ball Toss Game

Step 1 –

First, decide whether you’d like to keep the contents in your cans or not. Keeping the contents in the cans will make them heavier and harder to knock down. If you choose to have lighter cans for an easier game, remove the lids of 6 cans using either the pull tab provided or a can opener. Use a smooth-edge can opener or smooth the sharp edges yourself. Here is an article on how to prepare cans for crafting!

TIP: Whether or not you remove the contents, make sure all of the cans you use for this project are the same size.

Step 2 –

Use white duct tape or paint to cover the outside of the cans.

Step 3 –

Then, cut stars out from patriotic card stock and punch two small holes at the top of each.


Step 4 –

Next, string some blue stars onto red and white striped bakers twine and wrap these around each can to serve as a sort of “target” for each can.

Step 5 –

Finally, stack the cans on the ground in the area you want to play the game! Place three cans on bottom, two in the middle, and one on top. Grab a ball and start tossing!

TIP: Especially if you have chosen to keep the contents in the cans, you will need to use a heavy ball for this game. We used a baseball.

Cup & Ball Game

Step 1 –

After you prepare a can for crafting, use stickers, washi tape, or anything else you’d like to decorate the outside of your can.

Step 2 –

Use a drill or a hammer and nail to make a hole in the bottom of the can large enough for some strong string or twine to fit through. Make a knot on the end of the string inside the can so that it can no longer escape through the hole.

Step 3 –

Tie the other end of the string around a small ball that will easily fit inside the opening of the can.

Step 4 –

Start playing! Use a swooping hand and arm motion to try to toss the ball from under the can into the opening at the top. To make it more challenging, set a timer and see how many times you can make the ball into the can within the allotted time!

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