Seating charts at weddings serve the functional purpose of directing guests to their assigned tables. However, they can also be a great place to showcase the wedding theme, and can even double as wedding favors at times. I love to come up with creative ways to set up seating charts and set the tone of the celebration to come. Below you can find some of my favorites!

Softly Shipwrecked

This nautical-themed seating chart utilizes natural elements like blush florals, sea greens, and starfish to create that beachy feel. The seating assignments were written on actual seashells that were painted with sea-blue tones and hung on fish netting. A cute fishing-inspired sign went perfectly with the theme. Get the full instructions for how to create this seating chart HERE, and see the rest of my Softly Shipwrecked Wedding ideas HERE.

Romantic Ombre

This romantic wedding seating chart incorporated an ombre effect both horizontally and vertically. I used ribbons of varying pinks, and placed colored name cards going down the ribbons from dark tones to light tones. Matching florals and beautiful gold calligraphy really brought elegance to this seating chart. Get the details to create it HERE, and get the rest of my Romantic Ombre Wedding Ideas HERE.


My winery seating chart played on the venue choice by using actual decorated wine corks for the seating assignments. Topped with soft florals and incorporating rose gold elements, they really popped against a black chalkboard background. You can find out how to make it HERE, and find additional winery wedding ideas HERE.

Craft Brewery

An original wedding venue, such as a craft brewery, calls for an original seating chart. For this one, I used a cork board background and pinned the seating assignments to it with cute little bows in one of the wedding colors. Even better – these bottle openers serve as functional favors for wedding guests! Get the details for how to create it HERE, and find more craft brewery wedding ideas HERE.

Black and Green Winter

The simplicity and elegance of this black and green winter wedding seating chart is what really makes it stand out. The stark white text on a deep black background was softened with the use of natural greens and the most adorable little wreaths. Learn how to make the seating chart HERE, and see more of the Black and Green Winter Wedding HERE.

Modern Fall Color Block

Geometric shapes and a blocked color scheme made this seating chart an eye-catching work of art. This one works no matter how large or small your guest list is, and can be created with any colors to match the wedding color scheme. Get instructions for creating it HERE, and see more ideas for a Modern Fall Color Block Wedding HERE.

Southwestern Style

This southwestern seating chart is another one that provides favors for wedding guests in addition to showing them where to take a seat. At the end of the wedding, guests can take home these tiny succulents in painted planters to remind them of the fun they had! Get all the details for making it HERE, and see more of my Southwestern Style Wedding HERE.

Which one of these seating charts is your favorite? Did you/are you planning on using a unique seating chart at your wedding? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments! and feel free to hit me up for ideas!!

Happy creating!


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