My UFO spotting & backyard camping kids party was full of out of this world decor and fun keepsakes like this DIY UFO spotting kit, that doubled as the party invite .   A UFO spotting kit fits in with the retro Roswell and Area 51 vibe and starts a fun night of star gazing!

We had a lot of silliness in foil hats! The boys, Harrison and his 2 best friends had me in stitches with fidget spinner tricks and all.dabs.all.the.time!

When I create a party, I always have making memories at the forefront of my mind.  For this party, this was even more of a factor.  It was the most important part.  We will be moving to Portland at the beginning of summer, so my son won’t be returning to the school he has attended for the past 4 years.  I know he will miss his friends and they him. I wanted to throw a sleepover they wouldn’t forget.

I started with the invitation.  This had to be more than just an invitation.  I wanted it to be an experience, as well as something the boys could keep long after the sleepover.  It all starts with the delivery and it had to be in person!

This UFO spotting kit was perfect.  When I was a kid I loved having a box of treasures, something for the most important things I owned and things I’d found.  My son is a lot like me.  He has a few found treasures already from trips to the beach to things given to him friends so I thought it would be perfect.

I did NOT receive compensation for this post. I did receive some free products to review.  All project ideas and any opinions expressed here are my own.  For further information on our disclosure policy please check out our disclosure page.

What You’ll Need:

  • Tin boxes (I found 3 vintage slide cases on e-bay that were perfect)
  • Metal Prints (for party invite details)
  • Torches (for late night UFO spotting)
  • A mix of geodes (moon rock I’m sure!)
  • Galaxy style marbles
  • Retro UFO spotting props (I found old film reels)

Step 1: Select a photo or design for the party invite

The first thing I did to create this kit was have my lovely friend Kim of Small Moments Design create a fun party invite for me.  I wanted a design that captured the fun spirit of the party on one side and giving the details of the sleepover on the other.

I had already spotted the cool metal prints on Mixbook. So, I asked her to make the party invite details look like a part of a UFO ship, a piece of metal on metal!  The other keepsake portion is brilliant, cows being sucked up into UFO’s.  It fit perfectly with the DIY centerpieces (find the DIY here *coming soon).

You can also load your own designs, a photo or use one of Mixbook’s party invites.

Step 2: Order the metal prints

This was the first time I have ordered from Mixbook.  I spotted their galaxy photo books when I was planning this sleepover and it naturally caught my eye! (I’m planning on making those for the boys to add to their boxes now I that I have the photos back).

I digress! When I saw they made metal photo prints I knew I had to go for them.  Does it get any better in terms of UFO memorabilia?!  I have to say it was so easy.  Kim gave me .jpg (photo) files and it was literally 4 clicks to order the prints!

The only steps in addition to this are to add a discount code (they seem to be generous in making those available) and to enter your payment & shipping details.

Step 3: Add decals to the outside of the box

While you wait for your metal prints to arrive you can decorate the outside of the metal boxes.  I used my Cricut to create an “Area 51” and some UFO looking decals in a fun foil.  You can find the DIY here *coming soon.

Step 4: Add the party invites and keepsakes to the box

Yay! The party invites arrive! There are 2 for each boy – one print for each design as the metal prints only print on one side.   They are aluminium, about 3 mm thick and look so sleek, I love them! They also have metal stands attached to the back.  This is perfect, the boys can have them up in their rooms if they want.  Harrison has the cow one up, pride of place!

I put these into each box and add the trinkets and keepsakes I had gathered for each.  Then it is time to deliver the party invites!

The best bit was when the boys turned up UFO spotting kits in hand, full of the treasures we had delivered so far.  By the end of the night they had added UFO designed fidget spinners and yup, candy! Jawbreakers, ouch!

I hope you enjoy making a very special keepsake party invite for your child’s best friends.  Something they can both use on the day to put  special treasures inside, and take home to remember that special camping adventure!

Make sure to check out my UFO Spotting & Backyard Camping kids party and DIY UFO spotting themed crafts (for example, personalized t-shirt’s) for even more UFO spotting kids party inspiration!

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